Bands and musicians for an Oktoberfest in the USA

Bands, entertainers and musicians for your Oktoberfest in the US

For your Oktoberfest in the US you could either book American bands, entertainers and musicians. Or you can hire for your event original German artists, that do play in Munich as well.

Though most Tyrolian and Bavarian Oktoberfest-bands are very busy especially during September and October, you might find a band that is still available. Usually musicians from Germany only bring their own instruments, so you would have to provide sound and light.

Bringing German oom pah musicians to America

On this site we bring German oom pah musicians to America. We are a band with a huge network of other bands and usually always find an oompah band that would be able to come to your country.


What to wear?

Expect the band to wear traditional German costumes: the male musicians will be wearing lederhosen, and the female singer will be wearing dirndl. If you want to host or visit an Oktoberfest in America yourself, you should at least wear a typical German hat.

Oktoberfest in America

There are numerous Oktoberfest celebrations in the United States. Many American cities with large German-American populations, such as Cincinnati and Milwaukee, host Oktoberfest-themed events that draw tens of thousands of attendees. Other cities, even without a significant German heritage, have also embraced the tradition and organize Oktoberfest celebrations as a fun, community event.

These Oktoberfest celebrations are patterned after the original Oktoberfest held annually in Munich, Germany. They typically feature German food, music (played by Americans), dance, and of course, beer. Some festivals might also include traditional Bavarian games, contests, and parade.

Organizing an Oktoberfest can have several benefits for an American company:

  1. Community Engagement: Oktoberfest is a celebration that brings people together. Organizing such an event can provide a unique way for a company to engage with the local community and establish or strengthen its public relations.

  2. Brand Promotion: Hosting a large-scale event like Oktoberfest can significantly enhance the company's visibility and reinforce its brand image. If the company is related to food, beverages, or hospitality sectors, it's a particularly fitting opportunity.

  3. Economic Impact: Oktoberfest can bring in considerable revenue. Tickets, food, drink, merchandise sales, and sponsorship opportunities can all contribute to a positive economic impact.

  4. Cultural Appreciation: Oktoberfest can also be a way for the company to demonstrate its appreciation for cultural diversity, by celebrating and highlighting German traditions.

  5. Employee Morale: If the event is also intended for employees, it can serve as an effective team-building exercise and boost employee morale, creating a positive work culture.

However, while there are many potential benefits, it's also important for any company considering hosting such an event to be aware of the logistics, expenses, and potential liabilities involved in organizing a large-scale public event. Careful planning and organization would be necessary to ensure its success.

Instruments and songs

If you need a Bavarian band for your event, you should choose at least musicians with accordion and euphonium or tuba - this is necessary to create the typical Oktoberfest sound! Expect them to yodel as well and to play the famous Dutch (!!!) song Dance little bird, known as Chicken dance.

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